You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers! 

Question: When should I get my daughter a first period kit?

Answer: Keep an eye out for signs of puberty, but typically 10-12 is a good age. 

Question: Where do you ship?

Answer: We currently ship across North America. We are based in Ontario Canada.

Question: Can you customize a kit for me?

Answer: We always welcome ideas. Please contact us at girlekits@gmail.com to discuss.

Question: What do I put in a first period kit?

Answer: We can help! Our Tween Kits is a great first period kit for girls, we include all the essentials for this starting stage. Check out one of our kits for a peek inside here.

Question: What age do girls get their periods?
Answer: They say the average age is about 12 but girls can get their first periods as young as 8. 

Question: What is the best thing to use on your first period. 

Answer: It is really preference but maxi pads are a good starting point for any young girl, as they are user friendly and easy to change.

Question: What are the first signs of a first period?

Answer: Cramps, bloating, breakouts, feeling tired, mood swings, usually there are other signs of puberty like underarm hair etc.

Question: How long does your first period last for?

Answer: This really depends from girl to girl, however typically a girls period lasts 2-7 days. When a girl first gets her period it could be here for 1 month and not return for a few months. Always good to keep track of it, when it arrives, how long it lasts and when it returns. Your doctor may ask these questions once you've gotten your first period so tracking is a good idea.