We Want All Girls To Feel Prepared & Confident For All of Life's Trials and Smiles!

We are a Mother-Daughter team making girl emergency kits. This all started when my oldest daughter was going into grade 5, I had just explained to her about what periods were and she asked if she could carry her own products to be prepared vs. trying to "figure out the machines at school". When we couldn't find something "tween" approved and in my budget we decided to curate our own!

She picked all the items inside the kit, from the colours to specific items, and the sizes, it's all her. We both thought these kits could help other girls feel more prepared & confident for their period and so we shared with friends and family who all encouraged us to start this business.

Our kits include things like teen pads, flushable wipes, dental floss, bandages, a nail file, face wipes + some positive vibes!

We make it easy, stylish and affordable to be prepared!

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  • Teen Girl Emergency Kit, period kit, first aid

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    New Mom Hospital Kits

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