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Period Swim Bottoms

Period Swim Bottoms

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Introducing Period swimwear bottoms, designed to provide comfort, confidence, and convenience during your time of the month. At Girl E Kits, we understand the importance of feeling your best, even during menstruation, and our period swimwear bottoms are crafted to cater to your unique needs.

Our period swimwear bottoms feature innovative technology and high-quality materials to ensure leak-proof protection, giving you the freedom to enjoy your favorite water activities without worry. The discreet and stylish design seamlessly integrates with your swimwear wardrobe, providing a fashionable solution to mix and match with your current swim tops!

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Absorbency: Our period swimwear bottoms are equipped with cutting-edge absorbent materials that quickly wick away moisture, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the day.

  2. Leak-Proof Technology: Designed to prevent leaks, our swimwear bottoms offer reliable protection, so you can swim, lounge, and move with confidence.

  3. Comfortable and Stylish: Say goodbye to bulky pads and uncomfortable swimwear. Our period swimwear bottoms combine functionality with style, ensuring you feel your best in and out of the water.

  4. Durable and Sustainable: Crafted from eco-friendly and durable materials, our swimwear bottoms are built to last, promoting sustainability without compromising on performance.

  5. Options: We decided a black bottom was best to mix and match with your current tops, and the high-waisted bottom is on trend for the upcoming season.

Shop with confidence at where fashion meets functionality in our period swimwear bottoms. *Also view our full piece suits as well. Embrace the freedom to enjoy every moment, even during your menstrual cycle. Make a splash without a worry – dive into comfort with our period swimwear bottoms today!

*Washing Instructions - Machine wash Cold, delicate cycle, no bleach or fabric softner, or hand wash. Hang to Dry


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