Top 5 Things To Pack for Sleepover Camp

Top 5 Things To Pack for Sleepover Camp

Top 5 Things To Pack for Sleepover Camp from one mom to another: 

  1. All your cloths for the week, t-shirts, shorts, leggings, pj's, bathing suits, underwear, bralets, shoes, sandals, even water shoes for the lake or the shower, socks, a few sweatshirts/track pants for night time fires are important too. If you are only gone for a week pack 1-2 extra of everything so you don't run out and are covered if you get wet or jump in the lake in the middle of the day!                                        Packing a bag for summer camp
  2. Bathroom essentials - towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, bug spray, sunscreen, deodorant, hair brush, a Girl Camp Kit as you never know if your period might arrive at camp (plus these kits have other helpful items like bandages and bug itch patches, and antibacterial wipes). Link to Camp Kits 
  3. Flashlight - super helpful if the bathroom is not in your cabin and you need to walk outside at night, or for late night reading in your bunk. Look for a rechargeable or solar powered one or bring extra batteries with you just in case.flashlight reading
  4. Sunglasses and or a good hat - you want to make sure you don't get burnt. Having good eye and face protection is key to a good week at camp! Just don't wear them water tubbing as they WILL fall off! sunglasses and hat
  5. Refillable water bottle - NOT GLASS! So you always stay hydrated. We love the ones with no straws too!    water bottle

 BONUS TIP - Label EVERYTHING! Our friends at Mabel's Labels have a great sleepaway camp pack that will be perfect! Also use our code GIRLE10 to save 10%  *some restrictions apply

Happy Summer! 

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