Top 10 Gift Ideas for Tween Girls - 2022

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Tween Girls - 2022

In our home it always seems to start late October when the stores start sending out their holiday flyers and catalogs. My girls were always the ones that sat down and just started circling everything on the page.

Well now that they are getting a bit older, especially my tween, it seems like our go to stores for gifts don't seem to cater to kids older than 7. She still likes to play but beyond crafts there don't seem to be a lot of options for tween girls unfortunately. So what do we get these girls?

After some searching and talking with friends we decided to do a Top 10 Tween Girl Gift ideas List! You're Welcome. 

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Tween Girls:

  1. Custom Neon Name Sign - we found this one on Etsy:
  2. Anything Tie Dyed for the win! We found this cute throw on Amazon -
  3. My Tween is SLOTH obsessed  - so we agreed this was a must have - Sloth Heating Pad, for cold nights or even period cramps!  -
  4. We are really digging this chair - super soft, and so comfy! -
  5. Mini Mantra Bracelet - So sweet and a nice little mother daughter item potentially as you could get matching ones! -
  6. Ponytail Beanie - super cute and you can maintain your pony! Win/Win -
  7. The Don't Laugh Challenge - fun for the whole family actually! -
  8. Ugh I hate to say it but slime and putty are still a fan fav over here. We found this local company making super cute packs for gifts - Jelly Bubbless on Instagram they are @jellybubbless check them out! 
  9. We all love a good bath and these bath bombs are the cutest! Check out Three Fates Soap Co.
  10. A Girl E Kit of course! You're here reading our top 10 list why not pick up a Tween or Teen/Dorm kit so she can feel confident and prepared for any of life's unexpected moments. - Shop Here

And there you have it, our list of items we think your tween girls might love to see wrapped up for them this holiday season. 

Thanks for reading and happy holidays!

- Girl E Kits

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