Back to School Shopping with Your Tween Girl

Back to School Shopping with Your Tween Girl

Back to school is around the corner and we want to help get you and your tween prepared. Grades 5-8 there are usually a few new items to pack. When packing for back-to-school shopping for tween girls, it's important to consider their comfort, style, and school requirements. Here's a list of items you can consider packing:

  1. Basic clothing essentials:

    • T-shirts and tank tops
    • Jeans or denim shorts
    • Leggings
    • Sweatshirts or hoodies
    • Cardigans or sweaters
  2. School uniforms (if required):

    • Polo shirts
    • Button-down shirts
    • Khaki or navy pants
  3. Footwear:

    • Sneakers
    • Boots (Winter and Rain Boots - but perhaps wait to closer to the season as we all know how fast kids feet grow)
  4. Accessories:

    • Backpack 
    • Lunch bag
    • Water Bottle (we love the ones without a straw)
    • Hair accessories (hair ties, headbands, clips)
    • Watches (Smart watches are also becoming popular to communicate with parents but not enable them to have a cell phone at school)
  5. Outerwear:

    • Light jacket or raincoat
    • Winter coat
    • Scarves, hats, and gloves (for colder weather)
  6. Undergarments:

    • Bras/Sports Bras - great for this age!
    • Socks
    • Underwear (even consider period underwear as you are leading up to when her period might be arriving, or as a backup for her to wear) 
  7. School supplies:

    • Notebooks (any kind is great, but the ones that clip into a binder are helpful)
    • Pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers
    • Binders or folders
    • Calculator
    • Computer/ Printer (or access to one at home)
    • Ruler, scissors, glue stick
    • Backpack organization supplies (pencil case, dividers)
  8. Personal hygiene:

Remember, each girl's preferences and school requirements may differ, so adapt this list based on their individual needs. Additionally, involve your tween in the shopping process to make sure she feels comfortable and confident with her choices. Also teachers sometimes give a specific list of items needed so waiting until the first day or two of school on the school supplies can be helpful. 

Also if you're like me and want items you send to school to come home again - look up Mabels Labels and use our code GIRLE10 to save 10% off your order! 

Have fun and good luck this school year! 

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