My First Period

5 Things You Should Have For Your First Period

Getting your period for the first time can be scary as there are so many unknowns especially WHEN IS IT COMING?? We hear stories from our friends and moms and grandmothers about when they got theirs for the first time and its amazing how big of a time range there can be. My mom got hers in highschool, my BFF got hers in grade 4, and I was in grade 6. This is quit the length of time to wait around for the "what if". So I thought why not put together a top 5 list so no matter the age you have some things to be prepared. 

  1. Maxi Pads - These are by far the most important thing to have. There are LOTS of options out there, and in reality they all do the same thing. They ensure that your period doesn't leak all over your pants. There are a few options to make things more comfortable, like the size. As a new girl to the woman club you probably don't need the super flow extra long with wings and other bells and whistles.  A lot of brands actually make TEEN pads so they are a bit smaller, usually have wings (which are just extra pieces of fabric on the side to help them stick to your underwear better and add more leak prevention). Having 2-4 of them with you is a good plan.
  2. Flushable Wipe - Having something besides public washroom toilet paper is a must as we all know that sandpaper like stuff they put on those rolls doesn't help anyone! 
  3. WATER - We know we know this seems like a obvious thing to always have with you but there is a lot of change going on in your body, from hormones to potential cramping as this is all new for your body too. Water is just a good to have at all times but it can really help during this new phase of your month. 
  4. Extra Underwear - Not a MUST HAVE but just in case your first period is a bit more of show than most firsts, it might be nice to have a change of underwear. 
  5. A Hug - this can be from anyone you want. I know it can be scary, and you're not sure what's going on with your body there is so much going on. There is hair in new places, hips and boobs now filling out your clothing, and now you have to deal with a period showing up randomly every month. You need a hug girl! But don't feel anything but proud, you are part of this girl gang that is pretty great. The female body is pretty amazing and this is just that beginning of things. Take a breath it's all normal, and all girls go through the same things, there is nothing to be embarrassed about or scared about we're all in this together. 
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